The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd., a Washington State corporation, is a collection of premium cannabis brands.  We scour the state for the finest cannabis and process it into one of our many premium cannabis brands targeted for retailers that fit the end-users’ desires.


At our processing facility we can also customize a brand for a particular producer or retailer. The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd. recognizes that there is a need for some producers, who wish to start their own brand, for a company to package and distribute its product to retailers. Whether you want to sell your finished cannabis or you want to start your own brand, The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd. is the option to get your product to market.


At our production facility we are producing strains for producers to purchase in clone form.  Our products were originally sourced from the highest quality strains.  The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd. gives producers the ability to work with strains that can be used to produce some of the highest quality cannabis anywhere in the world.


Retailers can take advantage of The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd.’s array of premium cannabis brands or have cannabis packaged in the retailers’ own packaging for a custom, retailer-specific product. The Four Twenty Collection, Ltd. will make sure that retailers will have the most desirable products and marketing tools available to make the retail experience memorable.